The Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges To Trade For How To Make A Living Trading Cryptocurrencies in 2023

It’s 2023 and you’re probably trading cryptocurrency at your day job, which means you’re good at money. It’s pretty sweet to be able to do what used to be a part-time hobby and make a killer salary too.


The best cryptocurrency exchanges to trade for how to make a living trading cryptocurrencies in 2023

The best cryptocurrency exchanges to trade for how to make a living trading cryptocurrencies in 2023

If you’re new to the world of cryptocurrency and want to get started trading, there are some things you should know. There are a lot of different factors that go into buying and selling crypto, so it can be overwhelming at first. The good news is that there are great tools out there to help you manage your crypto portfolio.

Let’s take a look at some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges to trade for how to make a living trading cryptocurrencies in 2023.


Is buying bitcoin still profitable in 2023?

Is buying bitcoin still profitable in 2023?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that it depends on the exchange and the volume of bitcoin being traded there.

Bitcoin has been around since 2009, but it wasn’t until 2017 that interest in cryptocurrencies really took off. Bitcoin started 2018 around $16,000 per coin and ended it at $3,500 per coin. We’ve seen a lot of volatility in between those numbers, too.

So why should you buy bitcoin? Because it’s a good store of value. Bitcoin is like gold—it doesn’t depreciate over time because it isn’t tied to any country’s currency. It also can be used as payment for goods and services because there are places where people accept it as payment (like Overstock). It also has a finite supply of 21 million coins that won’t ever change unless someone chooses to break the rules and create more than 21 million coins.


Top 10 Best Crypto Exchanges to Buy / Sell Any Cryptocurrency


Getting started

Getting started trading cryptocurrencies can be a daunting task if you’re new to the market. The sheer number of exchanges where you can buy and sell coins is enough to make your head spin, and then there’s the fact that each exchange has its own quirks and features.

But don’t worry—we’ve done the hard work for you! In this article, we’ll go over what makes a good cryptocurrency exchange, how to choose one for your needs, and how to use it once you’ve made your choice.


1. Binance

Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, by trading volume. It is a centralized exchange that has been operating since mid-2017, and it offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies to trade with. The Binance platform has over 200 trading pairs, with most being altcoins.

Binance is based in China, but it does not offer fiat trading pairs. Instead, it uses crypto-to-crypto pairs to allow users to buy digital assets using other cryptocurrencies. This means that you will need to have some cryptocurrency in order for you to make trades on the platform. If you don’t have any crypto at all then you could consider using Coinbase as an entry point before moving onto Binance.

The good news is that there are no limits on withdrawals or deposits when using Binance – which makes it one of the best exchanges for day traders looking for an alternative to Poloniex or BitMEX – both of which have withdrawal limits in place.


2. Kraken

Kraken is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It has an intuitive interface, high liquidity, and a wide range of currencies available to trade.

The Kraken exchange offers a variety of trading pairs, including Bitcoin (BTC) to USDT and ETH/USD. The platform also lets you exchange other cryptocurrencies for USDT, such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Monero (XMR) and more.

What makes Kraken stand out from other exchanges is its advanced order types that allow you to set stop losses, take profits or limit orders on your trades. You can also set up price alerts for any currency pair so that you’ll know when it reaches your desired price point. These features make it easy for traders to manage their portfolios without having to constantly monitor them manually.


3. Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges to trade on, but it’s also one of the most challenging.

This exchange is only for more experienced traders, as it has a high volume and price volatility. It’s also very difficult to use without prior knowledge of the basics of cryptocurrency trading.


4. Coinmama

Coinmama is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to buy bitcoin with your credit card or other payment methods. It also lets you sell your bitcoins for cash if you want to get rid of them.

The fees are reasonable and there are no minimum deposits required, which makes it ideal for new traders who don’t want to put too much money into their account at first.

You can also use Coinmama to buy Ethereum and Litecoin with your credit card, so it’s a good option if your favorite coins are those two.


5. Bitpanda

Bitpanda is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges to trade for in 2023.

They offer an intuitive interface, a wide range of payment options, and fast transaction processing.

If you are looking for a reliable exchange with all the features you need, Bitpanda should be your first choice.



CEX.IO is a good choice if you want to trade on your desktop, tablet, or phone. It has a wide variety of coins and tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and Monero. The trading platform also features an order book, a charting module with technical indicators and drawing tools, and an easy-to-use API for third-party developers.

With CEX.IO you can buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currency via bank transfer or debit/credit card as well as sell them for fiat currency at any time you wish. You can also exchange between cryptocurrencies using the ShapeShift service that is available on the platform.


7. Gemini

Gemini is a US-based exchange that supports the trading of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It is one of the few exchanges that has received regulatory approval from the New York Department of Financial Services. The platform also allows for the trading of Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Bitcoin Gold, NEO and Zcash.

The platform has been designed with security and compliance in mind. Users are able to deposit fiat currency into their Gemini accounts using wire transfer or ACH transfer methods. Users can also deposit cryptocurrency into their Gemini accounts using other exchanges or wallets that support those cryptocurrencies.


8. Bitfinex

Bitfinex is one of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It offers a variety of trading pairs, including BTC/USD, ETH/USD, and LTC/USD.

The exchange also has an advanced interface that makes it easy to use for beginners, and its mobile app allows you to trade on the go. Bitfinex also offers margin trading for more experienced traders who want to make bigger bets with their money.


9. Bittrex Global

Bittrex is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, it has been operating since 2014 and provides a secure platform for exchanging digital currencies. The exchange allows users to trade more than 190 cryptocurrencies at the moment.

Bittrex Global offers a variety of trading pairs including BTC/USDT, ETH/USD, XRP/BTC and more. It also allows users to trade Bitcoin Gold (BTG) which was recently added to the exchange.


10. Bitstamp

Bitstamp is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It was founded by Nejc Kodrič and Damijan Merlak in 2011, and it’s based in Luxembourg. Bitstamp has a long history of being one of the most trusted and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges for people to trade on.

The company has a strong focus on security, which is reflected by their high level of compliance with regulations and strict anti-money laundering policies. This means that you can trade on Bitstamp without worrying about your funds being stolen or frozen by an unreliable exchange.


The Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges To Trade For How To Make A Living Trading Cryptocurrencies in 2023

Whether you are a day-trader or an investor in the cryptocurrency market, you probably hear about how to make a living trading cryptocurrencies. Your answer is – trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. While the process is not difficult, there are some things like choosing the best exchange for your needs and security concerns that you need to be aware of before diving into the world of trading cryptos.


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